Adding 'Run Script' permission to a security role
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Adding 'Run Script' permission to a security role


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Client Management Suite


When creating a new or modifying an existing role in order to have it able to run tasks, the following error may occur:

User has attempted to run task 'any_task' (33d1fe45-32fa-4f5a-aab8-396f01bea8ba), while 1 out of 1 computers are out of required permissions.
 required permissions: 'RunScript' (7a8ca359-02fe-465c-9bd5-66cb373d3950)
 not granted for: 93d28416-1e17-42d6-bb34-16b3ca5aef99





Release : 8.6


The security role does not have permission to run a task for chosen computer resource.


For the given example, we use the "Symantec Supervisors" security role which by default does not possess the required permission.

1. Log into the SMP Console as a member of the "Symantec Administrators" role

2. Go to Settings > Security > Security Role Manager

3. Make the following changes:

This would allow the role to perform run script task to any resource within the Default organizational view