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VLAN port information not showing underneath Phyiscal Port for some Aruba Switches.


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CA Spectrum



We have two very similar Aruba switch devices.   For one of the devices, the VLAN information is shown directly under the physical ports, once you expand the physical interface from the interface tab you can see which VLAN that port belongs too and this is our preferred method.

For the other Aruba device, we see that the VLANs are being displayed at the same level in the interface tab, therefore we do not know which VLANs are assigned to each interface.

Why does Spectrum provide this information for 1 device but not the other?





Release : 20.2.x / 21.x / 22.x

Spectrum Discovery and Modeling


The device that does not show the VLANs under the physical port does not support the Q-BRIDGE-MIB.


For Spectrum to understand where to place the virtual VLANs under the Physical Interface ports is that Spectrum matches the data found in the Q-BRIDGE-MIB::dot1qVlanStaticName with the interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDescr for a match and this will determine where to place the VLANs under which physical interfaces.

Since the dot1qVlanStaticName values for the non working device are empty, Spectrum places the VLANs at the same level as the physical interface models instead of underneath.