Unable to create application in ISG
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Unable to create application in ISG


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While creating application getting " No license was found" error as below:

localhost(config-applications)# create sg image-id sg- model C2L license-id 007099xxxx
Error: No license was found for license id: 0070999XXXX


In order to resolve this issue we need to load the application i.e. Proxy or CAS license to ISG first and then we have to create the application. 

To load the Proxy/CAS license please run below CLI:

(config)# licensing load id 007099xxxx username <username> password *******
License update was successful for license id 007099xxxx

NOTE: If your ISG has no Internet access you may download license from support portal and import manually using the following command:

(config-licensing)# inline passphrase <passphrase>

Once the license is loaded successfully, please run below CLI to create an application:

sg_name is the name of the ProxySG application. You select the name you want to give it.
model_type is the model type you purchased for the application; see the ISG Administration & Deployment Guide for a full list of available model types
license_id is the license ID or the serial number of the application
image_id is the ID of the application image that you want to use to create the application. You would get the id from the previous step.

If you want to create a CAS application substitute "cas" for "sg" above.

Continuing our example on creating the ProxySG application:


(config-applications#) create sg image-id sg- model C2L license-id 007099xxxx