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DBMaint Permissions Issue


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CA Workload Automation AE


Is there an option to remove the dbstatistics function from the DBMaint process that runs every night? We have run into the privilege errors reference in this article, but due to the nature of our database being a shared/hotel environment, we can not give the user the following global access to the database:

"Privilege errors occur because the UJOADMIN account has not been granted the ANALYZE ANY privilege or the ujoadmin role does not have SELECT privileges to DBA_TABLES"


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While you can disable dbstatistics function, understand that this could result in a performance impact. Please have a look at the documentation that talks about the dbstatisics function.

Keep in mind that the dbstastics function runs a subroutine called dbspace which calculates your DB usage and generates an alert should it reach the threshhold. Please reference Environment Varialbes - - Client Utilities or SDK section of documentation with respect to setting this threshhold. You'll be interested in the DBSPACE_ALARM_SPACE env var.

Note: If you disable these features, it will be up to your DBA to determine best way to perfrom these functions manually from DB level.