Automation Point - AXC HERE, AXC GONE - where do they come from?
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Automation Point - AXC HERE, AXC GONE - where do they come from?


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Automation Point


We have automation built at the mainframe side to start monitoring when the console gets an "axc here" message, and pause monitoring when it gets an "axc gone".

Some of our servers do not seem to be getting this message since the 11.7 upgrades. We have looked in the host00.log and cannot see any reference to the axc here or axc gone messages. 

We can see on the mainframe side that these messages are coming from some of our AP windows servers (Windows 2019 servers). We cannot find where these messages are coming from - it does not seem to appear in the rules files (?), and it definitively is not echoed in the log files (I have searched all files in the logs directory, and there is no reference to "here", much less "axc here").



Release : 11.7


The "AXC HERE" and "AXC GONE" commands are issued from the session scripts associated with a console. 
If you open the Configuration Manager -> Expert interface -> Automation -> Session definition session, and click on a session you can see the button "Customize scripts":

Clicking on the "Customize Scripts" button you should see something like:

In the MCS.SCR script you can see the AXC HERE command being issued and in the PAUSE.SCR script you can see the AXC GONE command. Check your consoles to see if they are configured to run those scripts or some other customized scripts you may have.
The usual location of the scripts files are:

C:\ProgramData\CA\CA Automation Point\Site\MyFiles  - for customized files
C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\CA Automation Point\Distrib - for files delivered with AP