Actions unavailable when accessing Oblicore GUI from an external server
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Actions unavailable when accessing Oblicore GUI from an external server


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CA Business Service Insight


Customer has set a policy not to allow anyone to log on to the Oblicore servers. Instead, a service account with no login rights is used to run the services, etc.

We can access the website from any other client PC as expected by opening the website and entering the web server's IP.

However, specific functionalities like "Test connection" or "Query builder" within the adapter do not work, since they try connecting to the database through the client PC's.

Question 1: Can you fully create an adapter from an external, client PC, with working “Test Query” and “Query Builder” functions, without the client PC having TNS / Network access to the database in question? The adapter wizard tries to use the client PC’s TNS drivers and such, instead of routing the commands through to Oblicore.

Question 2: Is there ANY feature that does NOT work when accessing the BSI website from an external client PC?




Release : 8.35


Question #1: That is a limitation for SqlAdapters to install the BSIClient on the client machines as it has a dependency with third party controls to establish the database connection.

Question #2: Remaining functionality should work normally except for one other feature/functionality- Booklets Addin.  Client machines have to be installed with BookletAddin.exe similar to the BSIClient.exe, to create the booklet template using MSWord.