Gen Toolset "No valid license key found for this product"
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Gen Toolset "No valid license key found for this product"


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Received a new license key and followed instructions to apply it in file ca.olf file in the correct directory.
When using Gen Toolset keep receiving message: "No valid license key found for this product"

SUPPORT NOTE: The message has also been reported as "No valid license key could be found for this product"


This type of error often means that the ca.olf license file FEATURE lines have reached expiry date or there is some other problem with the ca.olf file.
On this occasion it was possible to resolve the issue by copying a ca.olf file from another workstation that did not have the problem.

If another workstation does not have a working ca.olf file that can be used please follow these steps:

1. Using regedit.exe locate the key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\ComputerAssociates\License" and check its value for InstallPath.
That is where the ca.olf file should be placed and normally it is set to "C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SharedComponents\CA_LIC"

2. If the problem persists create a support case under the Broadcom Support Portal ( and upload these to the file attachments of this case:
a. A screenshot of the error and confirm if Gen Toolset or some other Gen component is being used.
b. A copy of the ca.olf file deployed.
c. Check under Windows Event Viewer "Windows Logs > Application" for  any other corresponding error and also upload a screenshot of that.
d. From the Gen 8.6 installation, the file "%Gen86%\PTF_Backups\PTF_maintenance.log".

Additional Information

Gen™ 8.6 > Installing > Gen Licensing

Licenses can also be accessed from Broadcom Support portal.
After login the "My Dashboard" page will show option "My Entitlements" (
Just enter SiteID to view the Entitlements.
For any listed product use "Entitlement Details" to view contract Serial Numbers. For any Serial Number line use the Licenses hyperlink and on the following page use the "License keys" tab.
Some Licenses hyperlinks may not show a "License keys" tab in which case just choose another Serial Number or try a different product. Normally licenses for all products are visible under any product's Serial Number "License keys" tab.