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Siteminder Web Agent for Apache failing to Start


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CA Single Sign On Agents (SiteMinder)


Attempting to install the Siteminder Webagent on Apache webserver. The web agent is failing to start. 

[12/Dec/2022:16:36:49] [Warning] SiteMinder Agent

        SiteMinder agent has encountered initialization errors and will not service requests.

[12/Dec/2022:16:36:55] [Information] SiteMinder Agent

        SiteMinder agent is enabled.

[12/Dec/2022:16:36:55] [Information] SiteMinder Agent

        Configuration file path:


[12/Dec/2022:16:36:56] [Error] SiteMinder Agent

        Sm_AgentApi_Init Failed.


        ff ff ff ff


Release : 12.52 Web Agent for Apache


The web agent failing to start could be caused by a wide variety of reasons, including but certainly not limited too:

-> Can't read the 'webagent.conf' file.

-> Can't read the 'smhost.conf' file.

-> Invalid Host Configuration Object (HCO).

-> Invalid servers defined in the Host Configuration Object (HCO)

-> Invalid Agent Configuration Object (ACO)

-> Invalid Trust Host Name

-> Invalid shared secret

-> insufficient memory for user starting Apache instance

-> Non-unique path

-> Orphaned LLAWP process already running.

-> AgentWaitTime not set in the 'webagent.conf' file or set too low.


Troubleshoot each of the root causes and fix issues to get the web agent to start succesfully.