Moving multiple standards results in a "Data Error"
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Moving multiple standards results in a "Data Error"


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Last week I was asked to import 3 updated standards into production CCS. When importing updated standards, I first move the existing versions into a backup folder in the Console.

I selected the 3 existing standards in production CCS and moved them to the backup folder.
This resulted in a "Data Error" for two of them, saying "Unable to delete the row: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation".

In the end all 3 standards appeared in the backup folder, I'm just not sure if the move was entirely successful because of the error message.



Release : CCS Infra Release 12.6.1


While moving the standard from one folder to another then post moving the standards there is some logic to refresh the selected grid and during refresh the control was trying to search the moved standards into the original folder where it was present earlier. Hence it was throwing an exception related to the target invocation.


Post moving of the standard to another container path, updated the logic to refresh the grid by not passing the list of standards that are already moved to some different containers in ADAM. Verified by moving the couple of standards to different folders.
Steps to replace the binary * Take a backup or original binary.

  • Close the console and replace the binary Symantec.CCS.Console.Standards.dll at console location only.
  • Relaunch the console.
  • Try to move the standards from one folder to another and verify if it is moving successfully or not.


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