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Spectrum Clear Alert from custom mib not working as expected


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DX NetOps


We are trying to map a customized mib (not certified by Spectrum) to generate trap alerts and a clear.

The alert is raised (based on 2 varbinds) and is working as expected and required alarm is displayed in the OneClick console. 

However, the clear alert (also based on the same 2 varbinds) is not working and does not clear the alarm as expected. 


Release : 21.2


The alarm shows that the friendly name is not populated by the trap and as a result, the alarm cannot be cleared as the clear event needs to match the friendly name and probable cause.



Go to mib tools where the trap was mapped.  There are also attributes that need to be mapped for friendly name and probable cause.  Below we can see they are not mapped.  Please map all of the attributes in this mib and then test.