Reports missing in SAR
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Reports missing in SAR


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User is reporting that a Weekly Report is not appearing in Ca View for the end user to View.

The job that is responsible for creating the report was executed successfully and no changes had been made to that job.


Release : 14.0

Ca Deliver 14.0 and Ca View 14.0 are both running in this environment.

The Report that is missing is defined in Ca Deliver and is set up to be archived direct to Ca View .


The Report was missing in Ca View because the Report definition has been updated in Ca Deliver where the ARCH parameter in the Report Definition attributes Panel had been set to 0.

The ARCH parameter is the Archive Criteria Number and is in a range of 1-99 and it identifies the criteria to be used to Archive the Report.

The number 0 indicates that no archival of the report is to be done

The Archive Criteria is set by the ARCH= parameter in the Ca Deliver library member pointed to by the Rmoparms dd statement ,these same options can also be viewed by issuing a modify command DISPLAY to the active Ca Deliver task eg : F DELIVER,DISPLAY 




The Report definitions in Ca Deliver had the ARCHIVE field set to 0 

0 indicates that no archival of the report is to be done.

In this case it was noted that ARCH=4 was defined to archive directly to Ca View 

Updated the Report definition attributes screen for the missing report and set ARCH to 4 

Rerun the creating batch job and the report was successfully archived to Ca View