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Transparent login give error 'access denied' error but in learning mode works fine


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


Transparent login definition work fine with learning mode

if we do same transparent login to the linux, looks like some password characters are wrongly passed or not passed at all as we get 'access denied' error

But user and password are correct.


Release : 4.1 


The issue is that there is some delay in supply the credential in the putty app by TLC agent and Immediately script is submitting the enter command after supplying the TLC credentials.




Put a small  sleep time after the password submission field and it will work, something like this

<window id="">

  <edit id="[CLASS:Edit; INSTANCE:1]" text="xxx.ttt.zz"/>

  <click id="[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:1]"/>

  <sleep time="1000"/>

  <send id="window" username="true"/>

  <send id="window" text="{ENTER}"/>

  <sleep time="1000"/>

  <send id="window" password="true"/>

  <sleep time="100"/>

  <send id="window" text="{ENTER}"/>


The sleep time after the password enter fixed the issue