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Spectrum NCM How to Disable Running vs Startup comparison for Custom NCM Device Family


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DX NetOps


We would like to disable the Startup vs Running Comparison on a custom device family because the startup config backup has no use, as this is stored centrally for a SDWAN device.

We do not want to disable this as a Global Option in the NCM configuration, only for the custom device family because we are receiving errors because the Startup Config is Empty or Unavailable for NCM to compare.

As a result, we are being flooded with STARTUP AND RUNNING CONFIGURATIONS ARE DIFFERENT alarms.


How can I disable this comparison? Or how can I disable the capture of the startup config?




Release : 21.2.x / 22.x

Network Configuration Manager (NCM)


Disable is set at the Global NCM level and not at the individual custom device family.  We do not want to disable this Globally.




To stop the comparison between the NCM Running Config and Startup Config, we removed the Startup Script from the custom device family and this prevents the comparison and alarms.