Share Performance Report Designer (PRD) Reports to operators
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Share Performance Report Designer (PRD) Reports to operators


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We would like to publish my Reports created in Performance report designer (RDP) to operators. How can I publish the reports without giving the users permissions to edit, create and delete reports?

Is there a read-only version of PRD like there is in dashboard designer or like the former UMP "Reports" Portlet? 


Release : UIM 20.4 Operator Console  - Performance Report Designer (PRD)




The access to PRD is guaranteed by the ACL permission "QOS Access". 

If you do have "QOS Access" you can access PRD and you will be able to import, but also to create and delete performance reports. There is no "read-only version" of PRD. 


It is possible to share your PRD Graphs to some operators, you can use the "Chart URL".

SEE: Working with Performance Reports Designer (> USe configuration options

You can create shareable links to your operators.

Once they click on the link they will need to log in to see the graph.


However, it is not possible to share the whole PRD via link. 

To export the entire report it is possible to export it as PDF. 



PRD does not have a read-only, report visualization-only version like the dashboard designer.

An enhancement request exists for this:  Idea Details - 20.4 How to use saved PRD report?

Additional Information

An alternative option within Operator Console is to use Working with the Metrics Palette (