OPS/MVS Checkpoint and OPSLOG placement
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OPS/MVS Checkpoint and OPSLOG placement


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


We have two LPARS.   Are four volumes necessary for checkpoint and opslog data sets?  Could we use two volumes and have the checkpoint and opslog for a single system on one volume?


Volume 1                                                          Volume 2 

SYSA Checkpoint                                             SYST Checkpoint

SYSA OPSLOG1                                              SYST OPSLOG1

SYSA OPSLOG2                                              SYST OPSLOG2


Release : 14.0


Basically the golden rule is to never place SYSCHK1 and OPSLOG DIV datasets on a shared DASD this is to avoid cross-system lockouts. Also, do not place SYSCHK1 and OPSLOG datasets on volumes that have page data sets or other data sets with high levels of I/O, RESERVE activity, or both. For a single system both data sets can reside on the same volume. In some cases it is preferable to have them on separate volumes because of the size of the OPSLOG (heavy OPSLOG activity).


Please see our examples the OPS/MVS documentation Define OPSLOG and Checkpoint VSAM Linear Data Sets.