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Channel links on idea blueprint are giving an error since SharePoint was upgraded to 2019.


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The channel links on the idea blueprint broke when SharePoint was updated to 2019. The business tried to update the URLs but they are getting the error message " refused to connect."

Are there parameters that can be changed/fixed so it functions with SharePoint 2019.


Release : 15.9.3


This is not necessarily an issue with Sharepoint, but any modern web application.


Please try these commands:

admin system-options -delete CORS_ALLOW_SUBDOMAINS
admin system-options -add CORS_ALLOW_SUBDOMAINS true

then you can use the previous commands to just add the root domain

Add root domain:
admin system-options -add CORS_ALLOW_ORIGIN -multi

Add root domain URL:
admin system-options -add CORS_ALLOW_ORIGIN https:// -multi

Add site URL:
admin system-options -add CORS_ALLOW_ORIGIN https://sharepoint. -multi


Please check if you are seeing this error when you open the web browser Developer Tools > "Console"

Refused to frame '<  url here >' because an ancestor violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "frame-ancestors 'self'".

Many web apps have a "CSP /  Content Security Policy" that block other sites from embedding their content in an iframe.

Here is what that may look like on the "Network" tab.

If that is the case, then we will need you ask your Sharepoint administrator what their "CSP" policy is.

For example"