SYSVIEW and thread-safe eligibility in CICS programs
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SYSVIEW and thread-safe eligibility in CICS programs


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


Doing analysis to make CICS programs thread-safe.

Identifying around 100 programs which contain thread-safe ineligible (GETMAIN/CWA) code with the help of IBM Load scanner utility DFHEISUP. 

Wanting to find out how to identify programs out of this list that can be made thread-safe, even though they access shared memory.





SYSVIEW 16.0 & 17.0 - z/OS supported releases - 


SYSVIEW will display those CICS programs running as ThreadSafe on the CPROGRAM command, but it cannot determine if a program is eligible to be marked ThreadSafe. 

In terms of determining ThreadSafe eligibility, it would be a better practice to analyze each CICS program's logic rather than using a runtime analysis of programs as this method could omit many instances that did not happen to run during a given sample.