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Auth Hub M9 - Question about recovering from failed push authentication


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VIP Authentication Hub


I have a question regarding the push notification factor. I am unable to navigate from the push page, after an error occurs (timeout, denied push, etc.). There are issues with the flow state when trying to recover & our current approach is to reset the entire flow. Wondering if there is a more elegant solution than restarting auth flow entirely.

I have reviewed the code in the sample app & tried several workarounds, but every time I receive the error "Invalid X-Flow-State".


Release : Oct.04


In case of Push denied message, that is an end of transaction state so User has to restart the flow all over, there will not be option to go back and you will see error "Invalid X-Flow-State" if go back and try any other option.

In case of Push Timeout current implementation is similar as Push denied but VIP Auth Hub engineering team is considering to make changes in this case as user should have option to resend the Push notification and this will be part of some future AuthHub release.