SEP Mobile Initial Security Assessment takes longer than expected
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SEP Mobile Initial Security Assessment takes longer than expected


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Endpoint Protection Mobile


Following activation of the SEP Mobile app, the Initial Security Assessment must run in order to establish a risk score for the device.  During this initial assessment, SEP Mobile must establish a baseline security level for the device's Network connection, OS and installed Apps.  This will then determine the device's risk score - Minimal, Low, Medium or High. 
The associated activity indicator icons on the SEP Mobile app dashboard will spin when they are performing analysis - this provides a visual indicator of what the SEP Mobile app is analyzing (Network, OS, Apps). 

SEP Mobile dashboard activity indicator icons - Android: 
SEP Mobile dashboard activity indicator icons - iOS: 
In some cases this assessment process may take longer than expected, and since the Mobile app must complete the assessment before the device can be marked compliant, this may lead to user inquiries to the Helpdesk. 


Android and IOS


There are a number of factors which can contribute to the Initial Security Assessment taking longer: 

- In general, Android devices will tend to experience slightly longer assessments, due to a much higher count of apps when compared with iOS (due to the open-source nature of Android, OS components are separated into discrete, easily modifiable "apps", whereas with iOS many similar components are simply considered part of the OS and not a separate app to be analyzed) 

- Device hardware can be a factor; particularly with older devices, the assessment can sometimes take longer

- The quality of the network connection can also have an impact, lengthening the Network portion of the assessment


On average, most Initial Security Assessments should not last longer than 5 to 10 minutes on either iOS or Android, with the assessment often completing much more quickly in many cases.  There are a few things a user can do to help ensure the assessment finishes as quickly as possible: 

- Keep the Mobile app open and running while the assessment is in progress (swipe-closing and re-opening is not recommended as a means of forcing the app to refresh) 

- If the assessment seems to be stuck on the Network analysis, changing to a different Wi-Fi network, or switching between Wi-Fi and cellular data coverage may help 

- In some instances the assessment may appear to get stuck either performing analysis, or following all three activity indicators having stopped spinning, the app may appear stuck with the message "Evaluating security status" as shown below; in either of these cases, an uninstall and re-install of the SEP Mobile app and retrying the assessment may help 

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