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Action Trace on XOG, Jobs and Process Engine in Clarity


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Best Practices on using the SQL (Action) Trace in Clarity - the options below:

  • Trace Process Engine
  • Trace Jobs
  • Trace XOG

Go to security.logs page or CSA - Logs - Edit Configuration. Note the Action Tracing Section and the options there. 


Release : Any Supported Release


Recommended Action Trace configuration for Trace Process Engine/Jobs/XOG

  • The settings: 
    • Trace Process Engine
    • Trace Jobs
    • Trace XOG
  • will enable Action Trace on Process Engine/Jobs/XOG accordingly - the information will go in bg-trace.xml file or app-trace.xml file according to the service used
  • They must be disabled immediately after completing the troubleshooting
    • Leaving the trace on XOG/Jobs/Process Engine can cause performance issues and overheads and is strongly discouraged
    • It could cause slow XOG execution, slow Jobs execution, or Processes taking very longtime to complete, especially on actions such as SQL Insert
  • Only enable this by request from Broadcom Support
  • Use strictly for troubleshooting on a Non Production environment
    • The tracing must not be used in Production environment due to potential impacts described above