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When attempting to get all the roadmap items via REST APIs getting an error.


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We have recently upgraded our Clarity instance from 15.9 to 16.0.2. We are facing some issues with the APIs.

  • To get the roadmap items, we are using the following query with the expand parameter:
    • API: /roadmaps?filter=(_internalId > 0)&sort=_internalId&limit=200&offset=0&expand=(roadmapItems=fields=(_internalId,lastUpdatedDate)))
    • While executing this request, we are getting the following error in response:
      • Response: {"resourceId":null,"httpStatus":"400","errorMessage":"API-1024 : Invalid expand query. Please check the syntax of the query.","errorCode":"api.invalidExpandQuery"}
    • Please explain to us if anything is wrong with the API request.
      • The API request was working fine before the upgrade.
    • If we remove the expand parameter, the API is giving results but we need the information of all the roadmap items in a roadmap


Release : 16.0.2


To return roadmap items you should make a call with something like this.


Also please referrence the swagger for any additional information and most accurate information on the given version.