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Several simultaneous activation of Automic workflows by single SAP Console event after Agent restart


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


SAP Agent would trigger the !EVNT of an SAP Console-Event only:

a. after a long delay
b. not at all
c. multiple times for the same event


Release : 12.x and 21.x

Component: Agent SAP


Wrong configuration in the Connection Object being used: the property  "Confirm Event History" was not selected as needed.


The behavior of the SAP agent when starting is the following:

The agent determines the oldest EH_LastCheck from all SAP console events and uses this timestamp as the earliest point in time for processing the SAP events.

While checking the impacted environment, it was found that there was at least one event with a LastCheck from a date in the past (12/4/2022) that explained the behavior of the n-times simultaneous starts of the related workflows.

The solution to avoid such behavior is to set 'Confirm Event History' in the connection object of the SAP agent. This activates a mechanism that marks events that have already been processed as such ('confirmed').


The following procedure was applied to solve the problem:

* Stop all SAP events in all clients running on the relevant agent(s).
* Adjust the Connection Object being used by the SAP Agent (check "Confirm event history")
* Stop the agent SAP
* Allow Confirm in SAP (Mikka function module)
* Start the agent SAP.
* Wait 5 minutes (check whether at least one SAP Event has run)
* Start the previously stopped SAP events one after the other.