Best Practices Reviewing Created Processes
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Best Practices Reviewing Created Processes


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Are there any best practices when a process needs to be modified or redesigned?
What steps can be taken to ensure the core logic is not lost while still need to test updated processes?



Release : 16.0.3


One or more of the following steps can be taken to prevent accidental loss or deletion of processes.

1. Run following query to find out what processes currently exist.
select * from
WHERE language_code = 'en'
AND (NAME LIKE '%dea%V4' OR NAME LIKE '%dea%' )

2. Document any changes in the process GEL scripts.
If the script cannot be updated, make sure the process is set to 'Draft'.

3. XOG out or create a content package containing the processes.

4. When working on a process, make a copy of the process and append the revision/version number to denote that it is the latest version, e.g. Custom Process v2, Custom Process v3...
The latest copy can then be worked on while the prior version and its content is untouched.