Applications Manager client fails to display on desktop
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Applications Manager client fails to display on desktop


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


With multi-monitor configurations, when opening Applications Manager desktop shortcut, the window may not render on the desktop.

Instead, the icon is visible in the taskbar, but will not display when left-clicking on the icon.


Version: 9.x

Component: Client


This Windows issue can occur when there are multiple monitors, and when switching from undocked (laptop screen only) to docked (multiple monitors).

The Client window is open, but it is open somewhere off screen. To fix this:

The location of the client on the monitor when it opens or if it will open in full screen or not are saved in the file below.


The line that keeps track of the location and whether fullscreen or not is shown below:

AxMain=bounds\=1092 1192 0 0, maximize\=N

Edit the file, delete the parameter value so the line is:


Save, close the file, and open the Runclient.jar. This should reset the window location of the client