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VIP Enterprise Gateway LDAP synchronization delayed start with WARN LDAPSync service delayed


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VIP Service


The LDAP sync job is delayed between 1-60 minutes from the scheduled start time. The LDAP sync log shows:

WARN |"2022-12-29 06:00:00.010 GMT-0500" LDAPSync 0 0 0  "actor=LDAPSyncService,op=Synchronization,text=[LDAPSyncJob] LDAPSync service delayed by: 51 minutes"


VIP Enterprise Gateway


The sync job will be delayed randomly between 10 - 60 minutes to prevent a heavy network load from other VIP EG instances with the same start time. This behavior is expected. The job will kick off as expected after the delay.  

Delays of more than 60 minutes could be caused by another LDAP sync job still in progress or the sync job starting within 3 hours of another VIP EG LDAP sync job. To prevent this, stagger LDAP sync start times by 3 hours across the VIP Enterprise Gateways within your environment. Other LDAP sync jobs can be seen on the VIP Enterprise Gateway console home page under LDAP Sync Instances.