Maximum Number Of Top Secret Resource Ownerships?
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Maximum Number Of Top Secret Resource Ownerships?


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Is there a maximum number of resources (DSN, IBMFAC, IDMSSYS, etc.) that can be assigned (owned) to a department (or other owning) acid? If so, what is that number?

Are there any dangers (performance or otherwise) to assigning all resources to just one department ACID?


Release : 16.0


There is not a specific number, but the department (or other owning) acid is limited to a maximum size. The maximum acid size can be between 256K and 1024K. To see what the maximum acid size is on your system, issue TSS MODIFY and go to the lines that say:
TSS9661I eTrust CA-Top Secret FEATURES Status

The size of the department will increase for each permit for a resource owned by that department. This is because the WHOHAS pointer for each permit is stored in the owning acid.

There are dangers to assigning all resource to just one department ACID. When the department ACID reaches the maximum ACID size, no more permits can be done for any resources owned by that department ACID. You will have to either undercut resources to other department ACID(s) via:

(TSS ADD(dept) resclass(resname) UNDERCUT or increase the maximum size for ACIDs (if not already 1024K) by allocating a new security file with MAXACIDSIZE=nnn and running TSSXTEND to copy the backup security file.