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XSYS connections to remote XCF nodes behind CCS TCPIP nodes


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


We are trying to understand how systems are gathered for the XSLIST and SYSTEMS commands. Here is example scenario. 3 SYSPLEXES, PROD, QA, DEV. Each one of them has 4 LPARS, on PROD and QA each system has a CCI TCP Gateway but on DEV only system LPAR1 has a CCI TCP Gateway task - the other 3 LPARs only connect via XCF (sysplex internal).

Each system on PROD and QA displays ALL systems in PROD and QA and LPAR1 from DEV. Is there a way to display the other 3 DEV LPARs that are XCF only? (they do not have PROTOCOL(TCPIPGW) defined)


Release : 16.0


in order to use XSLIST and systems commands, the LPARs need to have CCI active.  The various connections between those LPARs will also have to be defined, “To use XSLIST, SYSTEMS, and command with XSDATA, all LPARs desired to commmunicate with must have CCI active and connections between those LPARs must be defined.”