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Specific recommended OpenJDK JRE version recommended for Policy Server


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Running Policy Server, which version of OpenJDK is recommended?

The OpenJDK version has been updated from to Is the JDK version best recommended or is there another subversion of 11 better?




At first glance, as per the Support Matrix, all versions and subversions of OpenJDK 11.x are supported within the 11.x (1).

Note that the AdminUI brings its own JVM version which cannot be changed.

When changing the Policy Server JVM version, it's recommended to recompile all the Java Custom code that could run with it. Recompile the code using the same SDK version as the Policy Server (2).

When running on Linux, ensure that AdminUI runs without the Policy Server environment variables.


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    Symantec SiteMinder (previously CA Single Sign-On) 12.8

      | SiteMinder Component | Java Runtime Environment                          |
      | Policy Server        | AdoptOpenJDK 11 (or later updates on 11.x) 64 bit |



    Custom Active Response re-compilation on Upgrade