Issues with ZWESLSTC/ZWESVUSER enqueue /tmp
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Issues with ZWESLSTC/ZWESVUSER enqueue /tmp


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Zowe may have caused issues with /tmp on mainframe that will require IPL to fix.

Trying to access /tmp/ on mainframe results in error.

Used -cu through mobaXterm to see what was using /tmp dir. ZOWE User ID usage was extensive, way more than expected.


ZOWE 2.5


The root cause for the enqueues to /tmp is the shell scripts executions called by the Zowe Launcher.
"/tmp/sh* Temporary files for here-documents, command substitution, history re-execution, and so on. 


Upgrade to zowe 2.7, and define the environment variables in the installation's zowe.yaml file under "environments" key, as well as in the STC, while the ones in zowe.yaml will take precedence.

There are three variables that control the temporary files directory:

TMPDIR: This is the standard USS variable, it will affect the location of all /tmp/sh* files.

TEMP_DIR: This is a custom variable used for operations on the zowe.yaml file.

CATALINA_TMPDIR: This variable controls files generated by Tomcat java servers.

All of these default to /tmp if not specified.

zowe.yaml example: 

 environments:    TMPDIR: /your_path_to/zowe/tmp1    TEMP_DIR: /your_path_to/zowe/tmp2    CATALINA_TMPDIR: /your_path_to/zowe/tmp3


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