Users not able to access VOLLIE
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Users not able to access VOLLIE


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CAVO0200E  VFAM internal error, return code=0C02, request=01


Release : 5.0


This problem may have been caused by a corrupted OLLFILE.


Suggesting the following action should this occur again:

1.  Do an OLLX6100 BACKUP of the OLLFILE

2.  IDCAMS Delete and Define of the OLLFILE

3. Do an OLLX6100 FORMAT of the OLLFILE

4. Do an OLLX6100 Restore of the OLLFILE


You can reference the VOLLIE Installation Guide, page 4-19.

Also, the VOLLIE  Systems Programmer Guide, pages 2-10 through 2-19.

Here's the link to the VOLLIE doc set: 


If this problem does surface again and you're following these steps to recover, also get a storage report of the SVA and CICS partition after the redefine and restore as documented above.