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DX NetOps Spectrum Apache Tomcat 9.0.40 < 9.0.69


Article ID: 257572


Updated On:


CA Spectrum


Plugin Output:
  Path              : /spectrum/webtomcat/bin/
  Installed version : 9.0.65
  Fixed version     : 9.0.69

  Path              : /spectrum/tomcat/bin/
  Installed version : 9.0.65
  Fixed version     : 9.0.69

The version of Tomcat installed on the remote host is prior to 9.0.69. It is, therefore, affected by a vulnerability as referenced in thefixed_in_apache_tomcat_9.0.69_security-9 advisory.

  - The JsonErrorReportValve did not escape the type, message or description values. In some circumstances     these are constructed from user provided data and it was therefore possible for users to supply values     that invalidated or manipulated the JSON output. (CVE-2022-45143)

Note that Nessus has not tested for this issue but has instead relied only on the application's self-reported version number.

Upgrade to Apache Tomcat version 9.0.69 or later.


Release : 22.2


Tomcat will be upgraded in DX NetOps 22.2.6.