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Spectrum integration Waiting for VNA response


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CA Virtual Network Assurance DX NetOps


We observed the VNA sync issue below:

Waiting for VNA response 

In VNA aggregation, this is showing as connected - 

In the VNA Aggregator's gateway.log file (/opt/CA/VNA/wildfly/standalone/log/gateway.log) there are tons of these entries:

[AGGREGATION_SERVICE] AggregationManager 656 Ondemand get UserDomains request sent to VNA1 (IP address). 

The remote VNA1 is not responding to UserDomains requests (http://VNAAggregator:8080/vna/rest/v1/inventory/userdomains)



Release : 21.2

1 VNA Aggregator 
2 Remote VNAs (let's call them VNA1 and VNA2)


On the remote VNA1, it was set as VNA Aggregator too, there were three remote VNAs and one of them was already decommissioned.

https://VNA1:8443/vna/#/Aggregate/getRemoteVna  (https://VNA1:8443/vna/rest/v1/aggregate/vna)

That was the reason when you run GET userdomains inventory on VNA Aggregator it got into a loop. The remote VNA1 was acting as another VNA Aggregator and trying to get a response from itself (VNA1) and other remote VNAs.

https://VNAAggregator:8443/vna/#/Inventory/getUserDomains  (https://VNAAggregator:8443/vna/rest/v1/inventory/userdomains)


Deleted the remote VNAs added on the remote VNA1.