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Submission to MVS fails with owls_api_zos_obj_launch returns 200 on servers with wrong dates for testing


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


On a Test environment, all the Dollar Universe Nodes Servers were temporarilly modified to have a date in the future to validate how Scheduling would work some days ahead, BUT the MVS server where the Manager for zOS is running has the current date.

On this particular case, the Nodes would be on 20th January 2023, where the MVS server would be on the real current time 11th January 2023.

When launching a MVS Job from the DUAS node, the following error would occur: 

Failed to connect to MANAGERMVSNAME ... Attempt #1... Try to reconnect...

 ====================== INTERNAL ERROR ====================== 
 Error launching z/OS Job: owls_api_zos_obj_launch returns 200. Cannot connect to target server


Release : 6.x

Component: Dollar Universe


The authentication from the DUAS node to the manager zOS was refused because the Server where the command was launched was 9 days ahead of the MVS server.

Hence, since the Session Expiration Delay from UVMS was set as default to 1440 minutes (24h), this authentication would always be invalid on the Manager zOS end.


To workaround this issue, please set in the UVMS Node Settings - Advanced Settings:

Session Expiration Delay (minutes)    0

Then Save and Close and Restart the Univiewer Management Server to take into account the change.

Additional Information

The Solution consists on aligning the date of both the Node where the commands are launched and the Manager zOS system, as this is the expected normal scenario.