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Impact of Global type sequencing in SCL order


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Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM)


Since the implementation of version 18.0 of Endevor, the write order of the SCL is no longer respected and is re-sorted by Endevor.
The consequence is that all actions of "PRINT MEMBER" are executed before all actions that are performed on elements.



Release : 18.0
Component: Endevor 
Feature: Software Control Language (SCL)


This is the new design, from Endevor 18.0 the Global Type Sequencing (GTS)  is mandatory and is the only action sequencing option available, system type sequencing has been phased out of the product.

The Print MEMBER action is treated as a non Endevor Action, and with GTS non Endevor actions are always moved to the top of the list when Endevor parse actions.

Adapt the process to the new design.