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UIM - Metric Viewer data Gaps


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When I'm creating a metric viewer chart in OC and the initial data point goes back to a time where data was still not collected, the graph starts from the first data collected, and not fro the first day/time selected in the time window. 

Is this by design? Does the Metric Viewer support show gaps in data? 


Release : UIM 20.4 CU5


Working as designed


The way this works, at the moment, in UIM 20.4 CU5, is that when generating a graph for a period, if the start point is before the first value available after thhat point it won't show any gap, instead, the graph will start from where the first qos value is in the data portion.


Instead, if the graph has a gap after the first data available in the data portion it will show a gap:



So, essentially, if a graph data portion "starts" within a data GAP timeframe (or before the first bit of data was ever collected) the graph will start from the first data point it finds. 

Gaps after that will show as gaps.