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NetOps Portal Certificate changes in DA HTTPS configuration


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


do I still need to import the NetOps Portal certificate into the data aggregator even if the only certificate I am extending is on the Portal machine?

DX NetOps Performance Management Portal web server HTTPS certificate was updated. Does it need to be imported to the Data Aggregator if it is configured for HTTPS?


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


The Portal web server HTTPS certificate was replaced with a new certificate.


DA HTTPS config shows Portal SSL Cert exported and imported as part of it's requirements. Step 2 in the Configure NetOps Portal Communication section of the Configure the Data Aggregator and NetOps Portal for HTTPS documentation topic states

Export the NetOps Portal certificate to the data aggregator by issuing the following command:

This lacks clarify for some scenarios. The documentation will be updated to reflect the following.

  • Using CA Signed certificates utilizing the same root and intermediate certificates the DA uses?
    • No certs from Portal need to be imported to the DA.
  • Using CA Signed certificates utilizing different root and intermediate certificates than used on the DA?
    • Portal root and intermediate certificates should be imported to the DA.
  • Using Self Signed certificate on the Portal web server?
    • Import the Self Signed certificate to the DA.
  • Portal root or intermediate certificates changed? Portal Self Signed certificate changed?
    • Import the changed certificate to the DA.

Additional Information

DE555225 has been submitted to engineering requesting the documentation be clarified.