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AP models from the Meraki Controller SDWAN model are stuck in initial state


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CA Spectrum


After integrating VNA with Spectrum and running the inventory synchronization we have found that there are Access Point AP models stuck in blue initial state.

We cannot poll or ping them.  They come back unsuccessful.



All Spectrum releases


The Meraki inventory has AP that are not accessible by the SS


Spectrum queries the Meraki Controller for the AP information.  Whatever AP information is provided Spectrum creates an initial model for.  After the model is created Spectrum will ping/poll the IP.  In this case these IP are not accessible from the SS so they stay in blue initial state since they have never been contacted.  For IP that do respond, the model will turn green.

This is functioning as designed.  Spectrum will still continue to try and ping the blue initial models every poll interval.  If the IP responds at some point the model will turn green.