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DXSERVER down for more than 7 days - now I cannot start it


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CA Workload Automation AE


We are on 12.6.3 EEM - the EEM servers were down a month or two - it's saying in the log that the EEM was down too long and we need to initiate recovery?

I have never seen that before.
I found this article - but so far it is not helping or working.

I would like to not have to re-install EEM. 


Autosys  12.1
EEM 12.6.3


there are a few options:


stop both EEM Server's services
run dxdisp  itechpoz
(This is done on both EEMS)

it should just go back to the command prompt again
and then start primary first
and then secondary

Option 2:
break the multi-write and start them each in single mode.  
then re-establish the multi-write again

Additional Information

Additional questions:

Question 1: I start EEM as root usually – should I be starting dxserver as dsa?
dxserver  ==>  gets started as  unix user dsa
iGateway =>   gets started as root

Question 2: What is dxdisp? What does it do? Why did it work?