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How to download the current maintenance for Datacom Server 15.0 S1901


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Datacom Datacom/Server


Just installed Datacom Server 15.0 Service Update S1902, how can the current maintenance be downloaded from Broadcom support portal?


Product : Datacom Server

Release : 15.0

OS : z/OS


On the Product Information Bulletin for Datacom/Server Service Update 15.0 S1902, you can read:
This Service Update delivers additional capabilities including all maintenance updates through January 2019

Being so, you need to download all the Datacom/Server PTFs published after January 2019.

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click on My Downloads link
  3. In Search By Product Name type datacom
  4. Click on DATACOM
  5. Click on Solutions tab
  6. Click on Datacom Server MVS and click on 15.0
  7. This will show all current PTFs
  8. Select Z/OS as OS
  9. Select DATACOM SERVER as Component
  10. Type 02/01/2019 as start date
  11. You should see 28 PTFs
  12. Click Add All To Download Manager button
  13. Click Download All button
  14. As you have all the solutions before 02/01/2019, as you installed S1901, uncheck the "Do you want a complete package for all?" button
  15. Click the Start Download button
  16. Choose your preferred method to download the PTFs package