Set different runtime options for Endevor package utility and package exits
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Set different runtime options for Endevor package utility and package exits


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The endevor batch package utility ENBP1000 is a C program compiled by IBM C/C++ compiler and therefore runs under IBM LE (Language Environment)

During processing, it might invoke package exits and Endevor action exits written in High level languages like COBOL, C, Pascal and so on, which also run under IBM LE

Each of these programs runs under its own 'LE enclave' which has its LE runtime options

In case of need, how could a user exit be set up to run with LE options different from those of ENBP1000?

It's very common practice to specify LE options in the JCL via CEEOPTS DD statement. This method is of no use here as it sets options for all LE enclaves in the job step.


Release : 18.1


IBM LE provides multiple methods for specifying runtime options. They are documented in the Language Environment Programming Guide .

What can be done in this case is to create a CEEUOPT load module and linkedit it with the user exit load module. During initialization, LE will use the options found within CEEUOPT only for the execution of that particular load module.

CEEOPTS DD must NOT be present in the JCL because it overrides options specified via CEEUOPT load module

If it is required to set LE options different from the site defaults for all programs in the job step except those having its own CEEUOPT linked within them, it is possible to create a CEEROPT load module and place it in STEPLIB DD. Runtime options found in CEEROPT override the site-default options and in turn are overriden by options set in CEEUOPT module linked within a particular program

The creation of application-specific options module CEEUOPT is documented in the LE programming guide

The creation of region-level options module CEEROPT is documented in the LE customization guide


Additional Information

The order of precedence of LE runtime options as documented in the LE programming guide    is:

  1. Options set by LE user exits
  2. Options set in the JCL PARM
  3. Options set in CEEOPTS DD
  4. Options set in CEEUOPT CSECT
  5. Options set in CEEROPT load module
  6. System defaults set by console commands after IPL
  7. System defaults set in member CEEPRMxx in SYS1.PARMLIB during IPL
  8. IBM defaults