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OneClick not restarting when updating the OneClick memory


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


After updating the memory in the OneClick Web Server Memory web page, when you click on the "Save and Reconfigure" button, the following message is displayed:

Reconfiguring will be complete after the OneClick server has been restarted. SPC-OCA-10100: Configuring and restarting OneClick server...

However, tomcat is not restarted as expected.


Release : Any release running Linux

Component: OneClick


OneClick uses the "at" command to run the script to restart tomcat when the "Save and Reconfigure" button. The following is the command run:

at -m -f /app/spectrum/tomcat/webapps/spectrum/ now

As a test, run the above command from the command line to see if you get the following error:

Can't open /var/run/ to signal atd. No atd running?


If the above error is seen when running the at command from the command line, run the following two commands as the root user:

systemctl start atd

systemctl enable atd