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SOAP SSL not working with APM


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


SOAP SSL not working with APM

We have 20 application servers that run WebSphere and have a Wily agent installed and integrated in WebSphere. Last Friday, we discovered that the WebSphere SOAP port has SSL handshake errors which we didn’t know what caused it at the time. This issue is on 14 out of the 20 application servers. We troubleshooted the issue with IBM (WebSphere vendor), IBM suggested that the WebSphere configuration is the same across the board and there is no issues that they can spot. However, the see that the handshake error is SSL related issue. So IBM suggested to stop Wily temporarily and test SOAP port by running script and that fixed the issue. 


Also I am including the InteroscopeAgent log file from one of the servers that is having a problem.


Release : 22.1


Using the Cloud Proxy slolved the issue. The environment was using TLS 1.1 instead of TLS 1.2.