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Modern UX Workspace > Tasks > Task Update Completion Error/Performance Issue


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Clarity PPM On Premise


There is a performance issue when trying to set a task to complete. What is the cause of the slowness

Steps To Reproduce:

1. Use an account that has the minimal global rights:

a.Tasks - Navigate
b. Project - Edit Assigned Tasks - All    
c. Project - View Base

2. In the Modern UX Workspace > Tasks, when performing the following actions, the corresponding issue appears:
a. Update field (ETC) to 0. 
b. Update field (Status) to 'Complete'. 

Actual:It takes about 60+ seconds for an update to occur
Expected: the update should occur within 5 seconds.


Release : 16.0.3


In one case study, the issue was due to a poorly performing query as per the Oracle ASH report.

The SQL Tuning Advisor was ran for the SQL behind the update action.
The query executes fine from another environment running Oracle 19c, therefore the execution plan for the sql_id was implemented in the environment (Oracle 12 R2) a SQL profile.