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Asset resource is fail to create or edit when Prompt is checked on an attribute within associated editable dataclass that has a "-" in the name


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IT Management Suite Asset Management Solution


A customer is experiencing an issue in ITMS 8.6 RU3. When checking the "Prompt" option on an attribute within a dataclass that has a "-" in the name, the creation or edit of a Custom Editable dataclass in Asset Management, which has the dataclass attached, will fail. The error you get in the NS logs is:

HTTP Request failed:

This has been verified on several installations, including 8.6 RU2.



  1. Create a new editable dataclass with a "-" in the name,
  2. Add an Attribute type string and select the Prompt option.
  3. Then bind the the dataclass to a Custom Editable dataclass, e.g. Department and try to create or edit a Department.



ITMS 8.6 RU2, RU3


Known Issue. After digging in to the Profile trace captured while trying to reproduce the issue, a faulty query was found:
"SELECT DISTINCT TOP 1000 [Strukturtyp] FROM Inv_<dataclass that has a "-" in the name> WHERE [Strukturtyp] LIKE N'%' ORDER BY [Strukturtyp]".
This will fail because the table name is not included in [].


This issue has been reported to our Broadcom Development team. A fix has been already added to our next release (ITMS 8.7).

The issue was fixed in:

SQL that used here have table name that not enclosed in square brackets:
"SELECT DISTINCT TOP 1000 [\{0}] FROM {1} WHERE [\{0}] LIKE @value ORDER BY [\{0}]",