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Search field is auto-populated on certain pages like Windows Patch Remediation Settings and CentOS Patch Remediation Settings pages


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IT Management Suite Patch Management Solution


The customer noticed that after upgrading to ITMS 8.6 release certain pages are auto-populating values under the "Search" field. It is not causing a functionality issue but it is becoming an annoyance because it is causing confusion to users when targets are populated. In most cases appear as if there is not one (blank because it didn't meet the search criteria).


The "Search" field acts like it it was a login entry field. 


The customer sees the same behavior in the CentOS Patch Remediation page. 

Other pages with "Search" fields in other locations seem to be fine.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

Using Google Chrome browser, these are the potential steps to reproduce this:
(As far as we see, problem reproducible only for Google Chrome browser and isn't reproducible for "Microsoft Edge" browser)

  1. On Agent Install page, for "Default Settings", specify account and password, after save changes, browser offers to save credentials
  2. Now if we open "Windows Patch Remediation Settings" page, we see this save account from "Agent install" page.


ITMS 8.6


Known issue. Looks like the issue is actually in how the browser tries to interact with the web controls that we use in this "search" field. They see this as a problem/bug of the web browser (mostly Chrome) with autofill:

All settings pages are based on same ASPX.NET page (Policies/PMVendorPolicy.aspx) and the control with 'Search' field is same.
But the page can show/hide some additional controls depending on vendor.
So it is definitely problem of the browser. It attached 'autofill' functionality to a wrong field.
Theoretically autofill should work so: We don't have any condition in 'Search' field to start using 'autofill'.


This issue has been reported to our Broadcom Development Team.

We can suggest for this issue:

  1. Clear autofill data (and disable it). For example: see guide above about attribute 'autocomplete' (autocomplete="off"). 'Disabling autofill' will prevent this problem in the future.
  2. 'cleaning browser data' will clear stored credentials. This is required to remove the current problem.