How to Recognize Larger MySQL Disk Volume
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How to Recognize Larger MySQL Disk Volume


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CA API Gateway


We recently were able to expand the size of the disk volumes upon which the MySQL DB resides in our AWS based API Gateway appliances (/var/lib/mysql) from approximately 20 GB to 500 GB (a 25 times increase).   Though we have rebooted the gateways that have expanded drives, they still see the maximum database size as unchanged from its earlier size.   This results in the GW stopping audit logging when the new volume is only 4% full (we have audit.managementStrategy = BYPASS).

How can we make the GW recognize the increase in available disk space? 


Release : 10.1


When using LVM to expand the disk space mysql wont show any additional space until increasing the size of the ibdata in the /etc/my.cnf

# more /etc/my.cnf | grep -i ibd

Max size is set to 15/16M. This needs to be increased and restart mysql to see any size gain in the mysql and calculation of the audit usage thresholds.