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How to find out when Symantec VIP Radius server log level changed?


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VIP Service


we have problems with VIP service, and looks like the Log file size created the issue, how to find out when the log level was changed to DEBUG?


Release : Enterprise Gateway - 9.10


There is no Audit report to find out when the Log level was changed but it can be find out from the VIPEGCONSOLE.log. From the Logs section in VIP Enterprise Gateway download the vipegconsole.log file and look for the below log lines-

AUDIT "2023-01-06 13:07:22.825 GMT-0800" vipconsole 380148681 1821506343562602 0  "actor=admin,text=CONF validationServer(citrix).property(log.level) EDIT DEBUG INFO"

NOTE-> OOTB normally 4 log files are kept so there is a possibility that the logs might have rolled over when these changes were done.