GEN missed creating DBRM from full generation of a Model
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GEN missed creating DBRM from full generation of a Model


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When doing a full batch generate of a model, it's not generating the DBRM for one of the action blocks. If this action block is generated alone, it generates it's DBRM. Past full generations for the model have gone well after freeing all related packages. 




Release : 8.6


An early step in the full generation output showed a load module failed with E R R O R   GENERATION FAILED (RC=8) because an Action Block did not generate successfully, hence the DBRM was not created.  

The following error message was written out by the Action Block generator:  StringPlusOperator not supported for the COBOL language

The Action Block had a statement containing the StringPlusOperator function. This statement is why they are getting failures. As the error message indicates, this function is not supported when COBOL is the target language.  In general, the functions that are displayed in lowercase in the Toolset are supported in all generated languages. The functions that are displayed in mixed case in the Toolset are not supported for the COBOL language. 


To resolve this error and potentially others, run a Consistency Check to help identify any usages of unsupported functions. Modify the PAD logic in any Action Block that is using an unsupported function if the Action Block is going to be generated for COBOL and run the full generate again.