What Monitoring is done in the SaaS Environments?
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What Monitoring is done in the SaaS Environments?


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Details on Broadcom's service monitoring and performance testing in Clarity SAAS environments


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Availability and Monitoring:

  • Continuous monitoring of all service components (infrastructure and application) is deployed to proactively identify any component or service trending towards failure or approaching capacity.
  • Best-of-breed monitoring solutions are deployed.
  • Supplemented with vendor-specific diagnostic tools where appropriate.
  • 24x7 staffed network operation centre (NOC) to analyze and respond to automated monitoring alerts.


  • Service response times are analyzed. This data is used to identify clients that require detailed performance reviews.
  • Upon review of performance data or notification from the client of performance concerns, Broadcom will:
  • Work with the client and perform a detailed user by user, feature by feature review to determine any areas of concern.
  • Work with the client to optimize their configuration.
  • Work with the client to identify any issues within their network or ISP.
  • Should additional infrastructure be required to meet the customer's subscription levels, Broadcom will provide as part of the service.