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No Chassis Manager Cisco 2950 model in Spectrum OneClick


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


We have a problem with the Cisco 2950 model that we can see in our Configuration Manager -> Device Family -> Cisco IOS but not in the Chassis Manager -> Cisco folder.

We have tried doing a reconfiguration model but it doesn't work.


Release : Any

Component: Chassis Manager


The Entity mib attributes on the device are not populated with expected values required for the Chassis Manager.

Specifically, the entPhysicalClass attribute at oid on the device. Chassis Manager looks for a value of 9 (modules) to create the modules. The following are the values for the entPhysicalClass attributes at oid from the sapwalk file provided:

entPhysicalClass.1            , Integer     , RO , fixed(3)
entPhysicalClass.2            , Integer     , RO , fixed(10)
entPhysicalClass.3            , Integer     , RO , fixed(10)
entPhysicalClass.4            , Integer     , RO , fixed(10)
entPhysicalClass.5            , Integer     , RO , fixed(10)
entPhysicalClass.6            , Integer     , RO , fixed(10)
entPhysicalClass.7            , Integer     , RO , fixed(10)
entPhysicalClass.8            , Integer     , RO , fixed(10)
entPhysicalClass.9            , Integer     , RO , fixed(10)
entPhysicalClass.10           , Integer     , RO , fixed(10)
entPhysicalClass.11           , Integer     , RO , fixed(10)
entPhysicalClass.12           , Integer     , RO , fixed(10)
entPhysicalClass.13           , Integer     , RO , fixed(10)
entPhysicalClass.14           , Integer     , RO , fixed(10)
entPhysicalClass.15           , Integer     , RO , fixed(10)

A value of 3 is chassis and a value of 10 is port.

There are no values of 9 for modules which is required for the Chassis Manager support.


This is either a device configuration issue or an issue with the support of the Entity mib on the device.